Mentoring Challenge

Mentoring Challenge

The mentoring challenge aims to inspire and challenge young women to reconsider their wider role in a globally integrated society. It seeks to improve the sensitivity and action determining skills that will make them more effective leaders in their chosen vocations.

Idea Builders believes that the success of a young person is measured in-part by the level of support around them. This is where we foster an environment in which teen age girls are mentored to create their own opportunities for life success and to become role models to their peers while contributing to the betterment off their community.

The mentoring challenge aims to provide an environment where girls mentor and are mentored to create their own opportunities towards life success while contributing to their community as young leaders. Through the PMC, young women and girls redefine what it is to be effective leaders of self through commitment and support that can be applied in all areas of life.

The purpose of the mentoring challenge is to heighten the awareness of the challenges facing coming generations of women leaders and to help individuals formulate their long-term role and identify where they can act to stimulate the necessary transition to globally sustainable communities, organizations and society.

Completing the challenge will also deepen individual understanding of who they are, where they are coming from, what they stand for, and where they are going in life.


Gender balance

For Idea Builders, the term ‘’gender’’ is comprehensive and covers the interrelated effects of gender dynamics on actions and reactions of both women and men.

Here we use issue dialogues, debates, campaigns sponsored by Nestle’ Nigeria Plc. and other educational interventions to share and learn more about the attitudes and behaviours that both women and men must face, challenge, and change. Personal and structural transformation is the goal, but a strong knowledge base about the complexities of gender is always a great starting point.

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