Mentoring Breakfasts

Mentoring breakfast

The Mentoring Breakfast engages outstanding women & community members to incorporate mentoring into their professional lives by volunteering to mentor young women in cohorts -at least once a year –usually at sponsored breakfasts. It also provides an opportunity for young women & girls to learn from motivational accounts of their hosts as mentors.

The Mentoring Breakfasts are structured as one off opportunities to spend a maximum of one hour with mentees. It is not obligatory that mentors should have additional or further contact with the mentees unless expressly agreed to by the individual mentor.

The BREAKFAST events provide opportunities for young women to: connect with positive corporate role models learn from motivational accounts of their hosts and mentors.


Why Mentoring?

  • Mentoring is proven to provide a number of benefits
  • Providing positive role models
  • Providing a chance for young women to talk with role models who provide different & informed perspective
  • Providing new experiences for both mentors/mentees
  • Providing opportunities for mentors to engage with young women in their communities and learn about contemporary youth issues, and
  • Providing opportunities for mentors/mentees to network with each other.


Responsibilities of Mentors

  1. Create a Mentoring atmosphere by engaging with the young people in a friendly non-threatening way
  2. Sponsor the mentees’ attendance at the breakfast with a sum of five thousand naira (N10, 000).
  3. Interact and have fun at the breakfast.


Over the course of the year, there will be one hundred and eight (108) mentees and thirty-six (36) mentors.  Please indicate your interest in participation and state your month of preference in the form below.


Stop campaign

This is an advocacy action which aims to STOP Violence against Women in all forms. The STOP campaign is about supporting everybody to do one thing to stop domestic abuse, public assault, rape, etc. We want to promote ways to curb violent behaviours and provoke public discussion on what needs to be done as a community.

This component also advocates whistle blowing a shift away from denial because our mindset of perpetual denial is one the reasons violence against women continues unabated. The ultimate objective is to measurably improve a woman’s chance of living a more harmonious, peaceful and productive life.


Women mentoring women [WMW]

The Women Mentoring Women partnership program matches young women across the country with inspirational mentors who can guide them in developing better self-esteem, growing their small businesses, nurturing relationships, and making positive life choices. Many girls enter the program experiencing varying levels of struggles or social challenges.

This mentoring program helps women and girls to envision a positive life beyond what they currently experience in a 1:1 supportive relationship. Everyone is unique and therefore every mentoring relationship looks different, but the reward for both the mentee and mentor is undeniable.

This programme connects talented, emerging women leaders from all over the world with members of fortunes most Powerful Women Leaders for a month-long internship programme, in which Lucy Kanu participated. When she returned, she could not hold back her experience. Therefore, she was prompted to replicate the same model in Nigeria to deserving women who need to be mentored. She believes that there is a need for women pioneers and trailblazers in Nigeria to pass on their knowledge to others. In her words, ‘’leave the ladder down so that others can climb up...’’

It is a programme that seeks to establish a connection with and build a sense of responsibility in the next generation of women leaders and the local community by developing and implementing citizen-based mentoring partnership that benefits young women in Nigeria whilst it identifies and develops a support structure for aspiring young women leaders.


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